Periodontal disease is one of the most dangerous oral issues that exists since it can cause serious disorders in the general health of our body. Some of them:

Consequences of periodontitis on health:

Periodontitis is related to the following health problems:

  • It negatively affects the heart:

Increases the propensity to suffer heart attacks as it increases atheroma plaques. Periodontitis directly affects serious cardiac complications.

  • Negative effects on diabetes:

Periodontitis increases peripheral insulin resistance, which causes a greater lack of control in sugar levels.

Periodontics and diabetes
are cross-linked: people with gum disease are more likely to suffer from diabetes problems and diabetics are highly likely to suffer from periodontal diseases.

  • Major complications about pregnancy:

Pregnant women with periodontitis have an increased risk of having premature children as a result of the so-called “pregnancy gingivitis.”

We recommend doing a mouth cleaning or prophylaxis between the 3rd and 6th month of pregnancy. And do not miss the reviews with the dental hygienist, especially if you notice that the gums start to bleed.

  • It affects the erectile dysfunction of some patients:

Some studies have shown that some male patients who suffered from this problem also suffered from gum disease. From what we see both diseases are closely performed.

  • The prevention of periodontitis is essential

If you think you may have some type of gum problems or take too long without doing your annual cleaning and review, request your appointment as a preventive measure for our specialists to review the health of your gums and your mouth in general.

Our expert periodontists in Miami will check your oral condition and our team of hygienists will carry out a thorough prophylactic cleaning, so you have a healthy mouth and a spectacular smile.

  • Periodontitis: a constant accumulation of bacteria¬†

Periodontitis is an infectious disease of chronic course, that is to say, that it is initially caused by bacteria and attacks your oral health for years.

Therefore you will have a significant amount of bacteria below your gum and in contact with your blood for years. The consequences of periodontitis are notorious.

This means that a total surface equivalent to the palm of a hand full of bacteria will constantly send toxins and whole bacterial colonies to your bloodstream, thus spreading throughout the rest of the body.

This will have medium and long-term consequences on your health. Among the diseases that are aggravated, or that increases the risk of suffering them, due to periodontitis, diabetes, myocardial infarction, or premature delivery stand out.

This process is slow, although continued and not reversible, so it is necessary that you get into treatment as soon as possible, if you notice any of the symptoms of this disease, such as bleeding gums, inflammation, and bad breath. Make your appointment today and meet the best periodontists in Miami.