Advances and new developments in dentistry in 2020 offer improved answers for common oral and dental medical problems. Dentistry is using innovation to make this field more enjoyable and productive.

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News in the sector

There is great progress in dentistry, mainly focused on CAD / CAM technology (computer-aided design / computer-aided manufacturing), laser dentistry, sedation dentistry, intraoral scanners, etc. This technology has applications for various aspects of diagnosis, treatment, and restoration.

Scanning and laser technologies are going to be introduced in the dental clinic in the near future, leading to a clinic where everything will be digital, from caries detection to periodontal probing.

What new treatments will arrive in the coming months?

Among the trends and treatments, we can highlight:

Invisalign Technique (®)

In turn, treatments with the Invisalign (®) technique, commonly known as ‘invisible orthodontics’, will become increasingly important and will be chosen by users in the coming months.

Provided that the professional advises this treatment as appropriate for your specific case, it is an excellent orthodontic solution to correct teeth in a very discreet and aesthetic way.

These braces are tailor-made for each patient and will be placed on our teeth with a system of transparent retainers that fit perfectly. A very comfortable and discreet way to improve our oral health.

Sustainability in Oral Care

At the same time, the concern for caring for the environment and the sustainability of the planet is growing.

The climate emergency has made many people consider choosing products that respect nature and avoid the massive generation of waste.

That is why some users are replacing plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones and more traditional toothbrushes and mouthwashes with others that are made with fewer chemical components and are more natural.

Joining this trend is perfect as long as, when choosing this type of product, we bear in mind that:

  • The brushes are suitable for correct oral cleaning and can remove dirt from our teeth, reaching the most difficult parts, without damaging our mouth.
  • The natural toothpastes and / or mouthwashes take perfect care of our gums and teeth and are efficient in eliminating bacteria from our mouth.

Finally, other technological predictions for 2021 foresee that computer technologies are intertwined, facilitating communication and the exchange of information between the different professionals involved.

Protocols and security after Covid

On the other hand, the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that has rapidly turned into a global pandemic and has generated an unprecedented global economic and public health crisis that is affecting anticipated advances in dentistry.

This is primarily because oral health professionals, dental associations and regulatory bodies not only face various challenges in continuing to provide dental care and promote the oral health, but at the same time dental practices must protect patients and professionals of the threat posed by SARS-CoV-2.

How dentistry evolves after Covid

The era of the coronavirus is an important historical period by various points of view, from global health to the huge cascade of socio-economic implications.

Overnight, habits have been reversed and the way of life of people around the world has been compromised.

Activities, especially in the health sector, will be involved in this necessary change.

Dentists, being in direct contact with drops and aerosols generated by the patient, are having to review operating protocols to protect the team and patients from the possible risk of contagion.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic will not immediately vanish, and we will all have to face very long times before we get back to the ‘norm’.

In dentistry, new biosecurity measures are needed to reduce contagion. Indeed, dentists must play an important role in stopping the chain of transmission, performing procedures that reduce the spread of the viral agent and prevent the spread of undesirable infectious diseases.

Therefore, employers in the dental sector should certify the health of our employees and patients in all clinics, instructing each of them with safety protocols against COVID-19.

In summary, the evolution of dentistry in 2020-2021 and its technological advances have turned upside down after the pandemic. Some innovative treatments will have to be delayed in favor of the trust and security measures so important and essential in this historical period that we are living in.