The majority of people ignore their dental health, which ultimately affects their teeth and gums. People don’t take any preventive measures like scheduling a dental exam in Miami that could stop any growing oral issue by administering proper treatment. It’s imperative that you’re aware of the fact that prevention is better than having to deal with any oral issue. Most dental illnesses don’t cause pain or even remain invisible until they reach more complex stages such as oral cancer, cavities, and gum disease. If you live in Miami, then a regular dental exam in Miami will help you find the early symptoms of a disease.

Having your dental exam in Miami or visiting your dentist twice in a year works for most people. However, people with a high risk of dental problems must see their dentist every 3-4 months. The list of the high-risk group of people includes:

  1. Smokers: These are the people who are either heavy smokers of drug-related substance or chain smokers. The drugs can definitely weaken your oral health.
  2. Diabetics: People who are diabetic are prone to weak gums.
  3. Pregnant women: Any changes in a women body during pregnancy could affect their teeth.
  4. Individuals with existing gum disease: Many people have weak gums which could be the cause of further dental diseases.
  5. Individuals who tend to develop plaque or cavities: People with weak gums are prone to develop plaque or cavities.

What happens during a dental exam?

A dental exam generally includes:

  1. Evaluation of risk related to tooth decay, gum disease, and root decay: The dentist will evaluate your teeth extensively to check tooth decay, any sort of gum disease or root decay. If you have any pain, then he or she will look for the cause of pain.
  2. Examination of jaw and bite: Sometimes, it is necessary to examine jaw and bite if there is no other cause of pain. Your mouth muscles could grow differently which can cause pain while chewing or eating. If this were the case, reconstructive dental surgeries can be recommended.
  3. Tooth replacement or tooth restoration: If you are in the age where there is a possibility of tooth decay or you have been in an accident, then the dentist will look if you require tooth replacement or tooth restoration. In both cases, our cosmetic dentist can make your smile as beautiful as ever!
  4. Dental cleaning: Dental cleaning Miami is a common practice that is recommended for a dental exam. The dentist will check out if you maintain your oral hygiene or not.

Plaque is made if teeth are not properly brushed. When we perform a dental exam in Miami, we determine whether the patient is in need of a cleaning, which would remove any deposits of plaque and stains on teeth, at which point we would check to see if the patient is in need of fluoride.

  1. Dental x-rays: Dental x-rays are taken if needed to pinpoint dental problems. Sometimes tooth decay and other problems are not shown on outside so to have a look inside, many dentists prefer x-rays.