Orthodontics is a treatment that helps patients show off a beautiful smile and improve the aesthetics of their face: the bite is corrected, the teeth are aligned and, in short, the appearance of the patient’s face is harmonized. However, are we aware of everything we achieve when we undergo orthodontic treatments in Miami Lakes? We will list the benefits of orthodontics, beyond the smile.

In recent years, along with teeth whitening procedures or the placement of porcelain veneers, orthodontics has become the most requested aesthetic dentistry treatment in dental clinics in Miami Lakes.

In short, orthodontics has many benefits, many more than the mere fact of getting a beautiful and aligned smile.

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Benefits of orthodontics in Miami Lakes:

1. Improves the position, function, and aesthetics of dental pieces, which is the easiest to see the benefit

2. Get the bone and gums to look healthier

The correct occlusion and position of the teeth propitiate that both bone and gums are healthier.

3. As your mouth’s condition improves, so does your oral hygiene

The correct alignment of the teeth facilitates oral hygiene and correct cleaning of the entire oral cavity and, therefore, improves the overall condition.

4. Relieves possible excessive pressures on the jaw joint. The correction of the bite and position and alignment of the teeth corrects malocclusions that sometimes generate pressure on the joint.

5. Improves digestion

A malocclusion can cause the food not to be chewed properly. This makes swallowing and digesting food more difficult. Once the bite is corrected, this problem is also solved.

6. Reduces the risk of dental wear and even loss of teeth As a consequence of the correction of the bite, major risks of wear of parts that, in extremis, could even cause the loss of those parts are avoided.

7. Reduce mouth infections, tooth decay, and periodontal disease

By improving the general state of the mouth, along with the ease of dental hygiene, the risk of caries and contracting some other type of periodontal disease is reduced. It facilitates tooth brushing and it is easier to remove dental plaque, which also prevents the formation of tartar.

8. Can improve even speech and pronunciation

Some patients with severe bite problems may have problems articulating words and / or pronouncing them. When they undergo orthodontic treatment and the bite is corrected, these difficulties for speech are also improved and corrected.

9. The risk of dental trauma is reduced

Patients with protruding frontal teeth, for example, are more at risk of trauma.

10. Enhances the patient’s self-esteem

A patient who has had problems of malocclusion or crowding or poor positioning of the teeth will often have felt embarrassed when smiling. In some cases, this feeling even provokes complexes.

When the situation changes and improves your dental health and appearance, these complexes disappear and make the patient feel much more confident and socialize without problems.

11. Encourage good oral health

12. Increase the quality of life

As a result and consequence of all mentioned, in short, it significantly improves the quality of life of the patient, both physically and psychically.

As you see, the benefits of orthodontics in Miami Lakes go far beyond the merely aesthetic.

All must be assessed when the patient considers having orthodontic treatment. We are the professionals who will assess your specific case and analyze the type of orthodontics advisable, as well as the duration of treatment.

So do not hesitate to contact us if you think you might need Orthodontics in Miami Lakes. As you see, it’s quality of life.